Project: Wordpress Import


A brief word on using the Wordpress Import contribution


A collection of examples which show how to use the script to import your own wordpress blog content into eZ Publish

About the contribution

A php script to import wordpress attachments and posts content


You may use the following subversion repositories to obtain the source code

  • Branch for 3.8 - Created and tested against eZ Publish version 3.8 ( and partially against 3.9)
  • Branch for 3.10 - Created and tested with with eZ Publish version 3.10

Using the script

A brief example of how to use the script to import your content into eZ Publish


A list of script arguments

Usage: ./extension/wordpressimport/bin/php/ezwordpressmigration.php [OPTION]... [WPFILEPATH]
Migrate your Wordpress blog to eZ publish
General options:
  -h,--help        display this help and exit
  -q,--quiet       do not give any output except when errors occur
  -s,--siteaccess  selected siteaccess for operations,
                     if not specified default siteaccess is used
  -d,--debug...    display debug output at end of execution,
                     the following debug items can be controlled: 
                     all, accumulator, include, timing, error, warning, debug or notice.
  -c,--colors      display output using ANSI colors (default)
  --no-colors      do not use ANSI coloring
  --logfiles       create log files
  --no-logfiles    do not create log files (default)
  -v,--verbose...  display more information, 
                     used multiple times will increase amount of information
  --host=VALUE      Connect to database host
  --user=VALUE      User for login to the database
  --password=VALUE  Password to use for login to the database
  --database=VALUE  Wordpress database


/extension/wordpressimport/bin/php/ezwordpressmigration.php --siteaccess=blog_site_user -dv --host=localhost --user=wordpress --password=wordpress --database=wordpress /web/vh/wordpressdocumentroot/




A brief word on the process of the import


A brief word on the completion of the import