The Impressive Enchantment of Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay

Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay is a place to stay that gives a different feel to a tropical garden. The hotel has a hanging garden around the glass building, making it very attractive. Well, you should know its marvelous look through the following information.

The Hotel Has an Energy Saving Design

Why is it called the energy-saving designation? Lighting sensors, naturally ventilated hallways, recycling machines in rooms and throughout the hotel, and even high-tech air conditioners that can reduce sun exposure. Cobiax is a technology to fill the void made of recycled plastic in reducing the use of concrete.

Green trees are all over the room as if blending and supporting the garden next to it. The expansive sky has many tropical plants and flowers, as well as frangipani flower beds for you to find in the four hotel plots.

The eco-friendly features they offer are solar energy to a rain-fed system to save water. The energy comes in the form of saving from these steps, which turns out to be a driving force for 680 households per year.


The hotel is only a few minutes walks from China Town, as well as the historical site of Boat Quay. Park Royal Hotel is very easy for visitors to recognize and reach because it has a horizontal grooved concrete layer.

Building Characteristics

Some shading with a brown color like soil, as well as gardens that look large from the road, are also the trademark. Another thing that is no less interesting is that there is no boundary distance between buildings, so the existing sidewalks can blend well into the landscape.

By designing a balcony covered by a garden in the exterior area, the architects were able to work on greenery covering an area of ​​15,000 square meters. If calculated, this size is double the site area and can provide each guest with an exotic and green view.

The green space is also complete with contoured surfaces and can form a building podium. The model makes it look like the topography of a natural landscape that can break through the walls of the glass room. Rolling concrete just looks horizontally like a fluid geometry that you can think of as ground support.

Always Guaranteed Safety and Cleanliness

The best choice from cheap hotels in Singapore is marvelous because it has received a certificate from SG clean. They provide precautionary and strict measures to maintain the health, as well as safety of the visitors. Security is also the most important aspect for every hotel occupant to pay attention to.

24 hour guarding is also an effort. Visitors also get an appeal to always take care of their luggage and children so that they are not far from parental supervision, especially when the area is crowded and crowded with visitors.

So, cheap hotels in Singapore not only pay attention to the interior design of the building but also provide the best service through many facilities. Now, it’s time for you to make vacation plans at the Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay and invite all family members or relatives.

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